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support of teachers.

Updated: May 19

Teachers are the most important part of the school they are one of the most important planck of the student's life.Their support make them more special and I am saying this with my personal experience,that was the third period on Friday, our maths teacher wanted to take that period. Most of us were frustrated because we were studying maths from two period( I am not saying it is a bad subject but our subject teacher was very much annoying)she wanted to take the science period but science is my favorite subject and I wanted to study science.Our teacher said that "how many of you want to study science" I raised hand but my friends were afraid of the maths teacher and their hands were not raised that meant I was the only who raised his hand to study science. So,the majority goes to maths teacher.

After that my teacher asked me to get out from her class because I wanted to study science not maths.I was worried but my science teacher called me in the science lab to teach me science I was happy and I studied a lot and cleared my all doubts.

At the end of the class my science teacher said to me" In every situation I am always with you and you can come to this lab any time to explore and to learn more about science".And after that I got to know that my maths teacher threw me out of her class because she wanted me to learn something instead of nothing and she wanted me explore my interests.

My all teachers always supported me at every stage of my life they alway tell me the right path so that i can proceed forward because of my wonderful teachers i never see back in my life and due to this incident i was very disturbed on the next day i also say sorry to my maths teacher but she was ignoring me but when i tried multiple times to say sorry to her she accept my apology and wished me luck for future those were the last blessings i got from her because after that her blessings were in sample papers and in extra classes i learned a lot but her image in my mind never change because she punished me more then she teach me my other teachers helped me and show me the right path but my maths teacher complained at my home that he is not paying attention toward his studied .

she don't said that he is not paying attention in my subject she said that he is not paying attention is his studies from that day till now i have never raised my hand before my classmates.

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