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School Life is the Best Life

Updated: Oct 17

School life gives ever green moments and memories to many of us. It is the place where we get our first learning, friends, teacher, homework, punishment and much more things that make the best part of our life. Apart from subject we learn social and moral values in our school which is very crucial for our lives. School is our first learning institution.

As a child we like to grow up fast because at this age we feel burdened with the home works and assignments. But now when we recall those instants it seems they are far better than the current situation. Schools days are the golden days where we got many friends, enjoyed their company, shared our happy, sad moments and lunch with them, played together, did gossips and had lot of fun.

School is a place where we grow up and it moulds us as a disciplined and knowledgeable person. In everyone’s life we have our favourite teacher who played a major role. Other than our parents it is the class teacher who praises, supports and sometimes scolds on mistakes and guides us on the right path. They are our role models and greater inspiration. We had unlimited enjoyment and entertainment during our school days.

Most memorable moments like school picnics, inter school function, sports day and the get together parties are unforgettable. Doesn’t matter, whether we make our participation or not we will enjoy those moments incredibly. Recollecting those memories are really very colourful. Being grown we have many advantages but still school time is the best and incomparable.

It is only in school days we can enjoy life without any worries and enjoy long vacations. By recollecting our school days we will get the things we like the most and the best memories ever. So enjoy your school life.

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