• Ankit Chauhan

PUBG almost rusticated us.

I hope that you are liking my way of describing the school memories.

I have so many beautiful memories to tell you, but I want to tell them to you one by one because each incident has it's own significance in my life.

So, that day was like a normal school day but my friends made that day memorable for me because that was the second time when I went to the principal's cabin in five years without my mistake.

This whole incident took place near the canteen area where I was doing my duty to maintain discipline near canteen area (I was also the house captain) everything was under control but when my friends came there they started talking to each other loudly. I asked them to be in discipline but they were not taking me seriously. Then, I asked them to tell me the topic of their conversation. They told me that they are planning to kill people in PUBG.

Then I told them to speak in polite manner. They said" ok buddy, we will not talk in loud voice" but they were talking in loud voice. I stood beside them and started listening what to they are talking . They were actually talking about PUBG but when our junior asked them what are you discussing they said "we are planning to kill someone outside the school and we also have guns in our bags!" I told the child that they are just kidding but that boy was thinking that I am also planning to kill someone with them.

He was very scared therefore, he told our principal that we are planning to kill someone outside the school and we have guns in our bags. His reaction was natural because I would have done the same but that boy was so scared but we were not worried . We were in class when our principal came in our classroom with four teachers to check our bags.

She was very serious and we were not aware that why she was checking our bags. At the end, she found nothing in our bags .After that she called me and my friends in her cabin and told us that" I am rusticating you "but then I said that ma'am I was just doing my duty there. She said "ok" but your friends will not come to school from tomorrow because I am rusticating them . I tried to convince her and also she was looking convinced by my words but I was afraid that this day can be a last day of mine in the school and I told her that they were just discussing about PUBG.

At the end she gave us warning and told us to go back to our class we were happy but we were not able to show our happiness in front of our principal.

Sorry buddy (junior) and sorry ma'am and thanks for reading.

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