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Updated: Jul 11

hello everyone hope you all liked my previous blogs in this blog i will tell you about my idol Mr.vikram Seth for me he is the magician of words his poems create a wonderful atmosphere as good poems often do.

He received his primary education at St. Xavier's High School in Patna, and then went to The Doon School in Dehradun, where he edited The Doon School Weekly. At Doon, he was influenced by his teacher, the mountaineer Gurdial Singh, who taught him geography and, according to Leila Seth, "guided Vikram in many ways...encouraged him to appreciate Western classical music and instilled in him a love of adventure and daring.

Seth’s first poem was the Mappings in 1980. In 1993 his novel A Suitable Boy won the WH Smith Literary Award. His novel An Equal Music deals with the troubled life of the violinist. His other notable works are The Golden Boy, A Suitable Girl, Aron and the Dolphin. He also has written many poems like The Humble Administrator’s Garden, All You Who Sleep Tonight, Beastly Tales, Three Chinese Poets, At Evening, The Frog and the NIghtangle, The Louse and the Mosquito and much more. Seth has also written a children’s book named Beastly Tales from Here and There.

Rhyme isn’t the only way Seth expresses himself. There is half-rhyme, end-rhyme and a wonderful putting across of the most mundane of activities in the most poetic of ways. His words build atmosphere as good poems often do. In A Style of Loving, he writes, “Light now restricts itself/To the top half of trees;/The angled sun slants honey-coloured rays…” In The Humble Administrator’s Garden, “A plump gold carp nudges a lily pad/ And shakes the raindrops off like mercury.”

His mastery of the language and sense of fun is especially seen in the delightful Distressful Homonyms– Since for me now you have no warmth to spare/I sense I must adopt a sane and spare/Philosophy to ease a restless state/Fuelled by this uncaring. It will state/A very meagre truth: love like the rest/Of our emotions, sometimes needs a rest/Happiness, too, no doubt; and so, why even/Hope that ‘the course of true love’ could run even?”

The magic of Vikram Seth’s poetry still fills me with hope and exuberance. I only wish he would write more verse.


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