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Updated: May 15

From the benches of the school to the corridors of the school their memories always stay with us. Their participation in punishment with me and their way of doing fun was not like to other school students. They were unique, their slangs were different, but the only word that can describe my classmates is unity. There are many incidents about them but I can describe only one incident in this blog because I want to keep something for future. So, that was the boring 7 period of and we all were exhausted but our teacher was in full energy. We all were present in the class physically but our focus was not in the studies. Our teacher was very sweet and he was explaining the chapter with full enthusiasm. We all were aware that our teacher had a habit of saying ok after every line and my dear friend started counting those OKs he told us after 50 OKs that he is counting the OKs of the teacher. Then, we all started counting those OKs. After 10 minutes the number of OKs went up to 100. We celebrated those 100 OKs as a century of Dhoni. We all started screaming "century....." during the lecture of Our teacher saw me and my friend first because we were jumping on our seats and others were only screaming not dancing like us. Our teacher asked us the reason behind it but we were not able to tell him, why we were dancing and screaming during the lecture of But he was also laughing because our activities were not normal at that time. He complained to our class teacher and we had to write many apology letters. I know that this is wrong but that was the way to entertain ourself" Sorry sir". Thank you and please don't try this during lectures.

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